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June 2017


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On the cover: People, young and old, line up on May 5 on the Southern Street sidewalk at Carmichael Park to begin the sixth annual Suicide Prevention Education Awareness and Knowledge S.P.E.A.K. walk through the central neighborhoods of Brighton. Most of the walkers carried paper lanterns for a unique closing ceremony. Suicide counseling took place during the week in local schools. Local Color(R) photo by Mark Humbert

Sepia Tones: There was at least one other school in early Brighton, but North Elementary seems to be the place where the growth started.
Big Picture: In 2006, more than 100 Brightonians got together to lay out a blueprint for downtown redevelopment. It seems to be working.
Our Neighbors: Marina Orozco grew up in Brighton and came home a teacher.
News: Big Little Ideas for 2017 include a butterfly garden, a bus to tour local farms, a food 'lending library': Those are just three of the Big Little Ideas that received City Council grants for implementation this year.
Then and Now: Eagle Ridge Academy Principal Ben Ploeger grew up northwest of here: in Broomfield. Now he is headed farther west 'to the Far East' to take on a new education assignment in Taiwan.
More people: Teresa Case's parents migrated from Iowa to Colorado (and Brighton) for health reasons. And Brighton is a healthier community overall, thanks to their daughter. When new Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Naomi Colwell strolls down Main Street it takes her back to an aspect she loved about her hometown.
Time Exposure: Last year Culturefest had a new name. This year Summerfest has a new venue: Daniel Carmichael Park, in the shadow of Brighton City Hall. There will be some new attractions in addition to many of the tried-and-true ones.

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